Over the years, we’ve owned 12 homes and built 4 of those…and this home by Capstone Homes was our best experience. It is our favorite home by far. The sales process was wonderful with Karl Stauffer; he was, and still is, our sales agent.  He had great ideas to share with us as we designed our home to incorporate an expanded art studio space for my wife. We worked with owner Jerry Abbott to design our custom floorplan. His first go-round was so close to what we wanted, we only made minor changes. From there, the build process was very good and Ben, our construction superintendent, communicated well with us. Our home turned out exactly as we were hoping, and the outside is stunning with the stone and woods. Jana Robles, our custom options coordinator, did a great job helping us coordinate everything. The Capstone product is great, we love the neighborhood and streets of Flagstaff Ranch, and we love our home.                                                                                                                                         

Marc Stocker – Flagstaff Ranch


The two biggest things that stand out with Capstone Homes are the people and the process. I attended NAU and had worked my entire career of 36 years in Phoenix. It was always our dream to return to Flagstaff, and we started to think about a condo. We discovered Flagstaff Ranch almost by accident and met David Anderson, our Capstone Homes sales agent. He showed us around and shared all that Capstone Homes has to offer which opened our minds to the possibility of building a custom home, something we had never done before. He explained the many different people that we’d be working with – good and reputable people. David was the first, and then we met Shyann of Stearns Lending who was great, followed by construction manager Brian Carlson who was amazing. He explained every step of the process. His daughter Ashley works for Capstone also and she helped us a lot with suggestions and recommendations, including money-saving ideas which usually doesn’t happen with other builders. We always felt at home with the Capstone people and they cared as if they were building their own home. We’ve never been treated better, because they care about the people living in their homes and they still care with great follow-up.

TJ and Janet Martin – Flagstaff Ranch


Two years ago, my wife and I and our daughter bought a lot in Presidio in the Pines. From the beginning of the process to the finish of our house, we were very impressed with the professional way we were handled. We were living in Connecticut during the process and my daughter handled most of the decisions. People like Ashley Carlson and the designers were great to work with. The one person that really took care of the process once the building started was customer service manager Jon Holliday. He was wonderful for my daughter to work with. He made sure the work was done on time and efficient. When there were issues, my daughter would call Jon and he would be there within an hour and get it fixed. Two years later, my daughter can still call him, and he will help her. I am really glad Jon Holiday was the one to work with us – he is a great asset for Capstone Homes.

Ron, Tina and Leah Rosenfeld – Presidio in the Pines


Building a home, especially for the first time, is a very involved, challenging experience. Brian, Jon and all the other Capstone employees helped me create a marvelous, much admired dream home. I couldn’t have asked for better service from beginning to end of construction and with periodic interactions since.

Pamela Martens – Flagstaff Ranch


We want to acknowledge Tiffany Miller from Capstone townhomes who played a significant role in our story. Although we have only known Tiffany a brief time, we have come to trust and love her and she, too, is now part of our extended family. She epitomizes the very best in customer service and with her real estate knowledge, diligence, patience and tender loving care, we know we have made our Flagstaff decision one that we will never question. She is a true “Flagstaffian” and her welcome to our new home has been genuinely warm and heartfelt. And, of course, not to be left out, is our Construction “Superhero” Ken. From one day to the next, we knew he had everything under control up until 11:30 pm the night before we were to move in and when we arrived the next morning, we knew we were home! What an amazing job he and his teams did. Our design team, led by Kaye, Bruce and a number of other folks, understood my “mountain dream” design and worked tirelessly to find just the perfect solutions. A great big thank you to all of them. Our new home is a perfect mountain retreat.

Beverly Shochet – Pinnacle Pines


My experience as a new homeowner in Pinnacle Pines, built by Capstone Homes, has been a good one. The process started when I visited the models with my realtor. Immediately I was impressed with the Capstone sales associate’s knowledge of the construction process and attention to detail. I visited the sales office many times and was always updated by Tiffany Miller, having all my questions and concerns addressed. The choices and advice from Interior Logic to make my selections was great. Once construction started, the communication between Tiffany and Ken Jensen, the superintendent, was consistent. When there were issues, or uncertainties, Tiffany and Ken addressed them immediately and always made sure I was informed and updated. My home was completed, and I moved in on time, which Capstone Homes made happen in order to keep my locked-in mortgage rate a reality. There is an ongoing assurance that any issues with my new home will be taken care of to my satisfaction. The fact that Ken stops by and takes care of even little matters is priceless. My thanks to Tiffany and Ken!

Holly Gillette – Pinnacle Pines